The Coming Wave of Goiters in America


This is something Ginger Carden and I talked about in our podcast, but it’s a thought that keeps on nagging me: we are all about to get massive, burstingly purple goiters. How? This fascination with sea salt. Look, I’m as into fancy gourmand salt as the next foodie, but do you really want a balloon for a throat? Morton Salt Company began iodizing their salt in 1924, and practically no one has had a goiter since. But no, screw that, we’d rather look like we’ve swallowed a tire (warning: not a particularly fun photograph).

Sometimes processed foods are OK, dammit.

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2 thoughts on “The Coming Wave of Goiters in America

  1. foureyesflorez says:

    Funnily enough, I’ve been thinking about this issue since your last podcast too. Since you’ve opened the door, I’m going to walk through and give you my thoughts on the subject. Because people refuse to drink tap water now because somehow it’s dirty or contaminated, cavities have been on the rise for years. Water is treated with fluoride, which prevents cavities. Years ago Arkansas did not put fluoride in its tap water, and the residents of that state had some of the worst tooth decay problems nation-wide. OK, so not really about goiters, but related.

  2. Jarrod Whaley says:

    Another really great point. Drink your tap water and shuddup, people. That holywater shipped in from the north pole of Mars isn't going to make you piss gold, you know. 

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