You Have To Love Linux

Imagine an error message like this one in the context of any other operating system. It’s folksy, overtly helpful, exquisitely verbose…this is what happens when real people write error messages, without being filtered through committees and Corporate Bullshit Machines.

WARNING your program is becoming multi-threaded, but you are using an ObjectiveC runtime library which does not have a thread-safe implementation of the +initialize method. This means that any classes not already used may be incorrectly initialised, potentially causing strange behaviors and crashes.
To put this into context, the runtime bug has been knoown for several years and only rarely causes problems … the easy workaround being to ensure that any classes used by a new thread have already been used in the main thread before the new thread starts.
If you are worried, please build/run GNUstep with a runtime which supports the +initialize method. The GNUstep stable runtime (libobjc) and experimental runtime (libobjc2), available from the GNUstep website and subversion repository, should both work.
To disable this warning (eg. for an application which does not suffer any problems caused by this runtime bug), please set the GSSilenceInitializeWarning user default to YES.

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