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Super-Fast Journaling With Drafts And DayOne

I have an incredibly geeky need to log information about my life–for my own uses, mind you–and a big part of how I address that need is in journaling with DayOne, an app with variants on both OS X and iOS. It syncs flawlessly across devices and (Apple’s) platforms, and has a well-designed interface which makes it a joy to use. The act of writing stuff in DayOne is great for me, which is why I have to find some problem with it.

Sometimes I just want to dash off a thought really quickly–without launching DayOne, waiting for it to open, entering my passcode, tapping to begin a new entry, and so on and so on. I decided I’d find a quicker way to add entries to my journal[1]. Luckily, the developer of DayOne has implemented a pretty handy (if basic) command-line interface, which means that it’s easy to script and automate the app. What I ended up with is this: I type my markdown-formatted entry in Drafts, fire a Dropbox action, and…that’s it. It doesn’t open another app. It just adds the entry to my journal in the background. It takes a little bit of work to set it up, but it’ll save you a lot of time over the long haul. It’s awesome.

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Tweet Like A Nerd

Are you a nerd? Want to tweet from the command line? Try Luka Pušić’s bash script. Works on Linux and OS X.

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FoldingText Is Badass

I admit when I first heard about FoldingText (via Brett Terpstra, I believe), I had no idea why it might be something I’d want to use. On the surface it’s a Markdown editor with foldable headers, but underneath it’s a lot more than that. You can easily drop to-do lists and timers into your document using plain-text only–in other words, you type “todo.timer” on one line, hit return, type “write for 15 minutes,” and bingo, you have a timer.

It’s still in beta, but I recommend it anyway. It’s probably the best, most efficient productivity app I’ve ever tried. If you use a Mac and find it useful to organize your work, go grab FoldingText.

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You Have To Love Linux

Imagine an error message like this one in the context of any other operating system. It’s folksy, overtly helpful, exquisitely verbose…this is what happens when real people write error messages, without being filtered through committees and Corporate Bullshit Machines.

WARNING your program is becoming multi-threaded, but you are using an ObjectiveC runtime library which does not have a thread-safe implementation of the +initialize method. This means that any classes not already used may be incorrectly initialised, potentially causing strange behaviors and crashes.
To put this into context, the runtime bug has been knoown for several years and only rarely causes problems … the easy workaround being to ensure that any classes used by a new thread have already been used in the main thread before the new thread starts.
If you are worried, please build/run GNUstep with a runtime which supports the +initialize method. The GNUstep stable runtime (libobjc) and experimental runtime (libobjc2), available from the GNUstep website and subversion repository, should both work.
To disable this warning (eg. for an application which does not suffer any problems caused by this runtime bug), please set the GSSilenceInitializeWarning user default to YES.

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The Leaking Sewage Pipe

Mat Honan on Flickr’s destruction at the hands of Yahoo!:

Flickr is still very valuable. It has a massive database of geotagged, Creative Commons- and Getty-licensed, subject-tagged photos. But sadly, Yahoo’s steady march of incompetence doesn’t bode well for making use of these valuable properties. If the Internet really were a series of tubes, Yahoo would be the leaking sewage pipe, covering everything it comes in contact with in watered-down shit [emphasis mine].

I’d be hard pressed to put it better than that, folks.

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Behind the Mask

Here, revealed for the first time–well, okay, not really, I found this video over at Dangerous Minds–are the dirty secrets of professional wrestlers. Use this information wisely.


Star Maidens

Speaking of retro-futurism, check this shit out.

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