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OK, Hit Every Key At Once

Here, from the wikipedia article on typographic dashes, is a pretty priceless demonstration of just how much more pleasant a Mac is to use when compared with a Windows PC:

Rendering dashes on computers


  • In Mac OS X […] an en dash can be obtained by typing ⌥+-, while an em dash can be typed with ⌥+⇧+-.
  • In Microsoft Windows running on a computer whose keyboard has a numeric keypad, an en or em dash may be typed into most text areas by using their respective Alt code by holding down the Alt key and pressing either 0150 or 0151. The numbers must be typed on the numeric keypad with Num Lock enabled. In addition, the Character Map utility included with MS Windows can be used to copy and paste en and em dash characters into most applications—along with accented letters and other non-English language characters.
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Alabama Is For Cannibals

This is the South for you (Dothan, AL). Seriously, how creepy are these guys? Aren’t they just a little too happy about “serving” your corpse?


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HP Decides It Ought To Make A Phone

Meg Whitman, quoted on The Verge:

We have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world that would be your first computing device. […] We are a computing company, we have to take advantage of that form factor.

Oh shit, is it 2006 already?

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The Leaking Sewage Pipe

Mat Honan on Flickr’s destruction at the hands of Yahoo!:

Flickr is still very valuable. It has a massive database of geotagged, Creative Commons- and Getty-licensed, subject-tagged photos. But sadly, Yahoo’s steady march of incompetence doesn’t bode well for making use of these valuable properties. If the Internet really were a series of tubes, Yahoo would be the leaking sewage pipe, covering everything it comes in contact with in watered-down shit [emphasis mine].

I’d be hard pressed to put it better than that, folks.

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What’s a Name Worth?

Some people will do anything for a WWDC ticket:

WWDC tickets are non transferable this year, so naturally I’m willin to legally change my name to yours in order to buy your ticket. To sweeten the deal I will perform the following duties on your behalf for one year:
– Jury duty
– DMV license/registration
– Any of your court ordered community service up to 40 hours
– Visit your senile grandfather once a month
If your name happens to be Jebodiah there is an extra $500 bonus.

–via Daring Fireball.

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Musical Tesla Coils

However impressive this musical Tesla coil setup may be, I would have hoped that anyone dorky enough to get something like this working would have better taste in music.

via Dangerous Minds.

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Abortionplex – Topeka, KS

This is fantastic. Is it a hoaxy hack? A massive crowdsourced joke?

These folks really brought the kid out of my girlfriend.

Once the loud, slightly messy procedure was done we were given moist towelettes and a $5-off coupon to The Sizzler, where we had hamburgers and I got two refills on my soda. […] All in all I recommend the Abortionplex for your post-conception life termination needs. The restrooms were clean and we got a coupon to The Sizzler.

Thanks, Vahe.

UPDATE: It looks like, predictably, a bunch of “yelpers” faked this page out of enjoyment for an article from The Onion.