Super-Fast Journaling With Drafts And DayOne

An automated process for quickly writing DayOne entries in

Read About It: – Quick iOS Reminders

This is a simple script which takes input from (required) and then schedules a reminder at a specified time interval (in minutes) via the iOS Notification Center.

Note: This script requires both Pythonista and Drafts.

Get the script:

Convert Markdown Files To HTML Files – OS X System Service

If you use a Mac and you have a big folder full of plain-text files formatted in Markdown and you want to batch-convert them all to .html files, this will do it. Download the .zip, unarchive it, and double-click the resulting package. You’ll then be able to select multiple .md (or Markdown-formatted .txt files, or whatever) in the Finder, right-click (or ctrl-click, if you’re nasty) on them, and select the obvious item in the menu. Bingo.

Note: This service presupposes that you have Fletcher Penney’s Multimarkdown installed in usr/local/bin. Edit the path in Automator if necessary.



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