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How About Some “Chat Heads” In Your Face?

Excellent news:

You can’t get Facebook Home on your iPhone. But very soon you’ll be able to get one of the most buzzed-about features from Facebook’s new mobile software: “Chat Heads” are coming to iOS devices, via a Facebook app update.

Awesome. Now I finally know for sure that I want to delete this app.

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More Facebook Design Brilliance

What is with that stupid little dot? Is Facebook an elaborate hoax designed to test the depths of our tolerance for willful mediocrity?

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Larry Page To The Rescue

Larry Page says Facebook is doing “a really bad job on their products”. Thanks for the keen observation, Captain Obvious.

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Maryland Stands Up to Employer Nosiness

Way to go, Maryland:

Maryland has become the first state to pass a law banning employers from asking for social media passwords. […] Illinois and California have both introduced similar pieces of legislation, and senators from New York and Connecticut have both asked the US Attorney General to prohibit this practice.

If this whole thing is new to you, see also: this and this

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Did Wal-Mart Buy Private User Data For Marketing Purposes?

Well, this isn’t shady. No, not shady at all.

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Hey Employer, Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine

Senator Blumenthal is working on a bill that would prevent employers from asking potential employees for their Facebook passwords. It’s a great start, provided it passes (which is anything but a given for our corporate-owned Senate). Now let’s do something about pre-employment credit checks.

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